Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Way in Mi Brain

Reading the Mighty FACT magazines twenty best Ragga post last week, I was interested in the omission of the classic 'Sleng Teng' rhythm.

Reggae music is often overlooked in the official history of electronic music, but along with the not inconsiderable gifts of DJ Culture, soundsystems, dub, MC's and raves, the creation of Sleng Teng was a significant moment in the spread of electronic production techniques and values.

Created on a vintage Casio Beatbox by Wayne Smith and Tony Asher in 1985, the rhythm built around an old Eddie Cochrane riff, underpinned the first digital reggae release.

The rock 'n' roll rhythm on the Casio was slowed down and rebuilt by Asher at Jammy's St Lucia Road studio, and launched on an unsuspecting world at the historic sound clash between Jammy's and Black Scorpio at Waltham Park Road on February 23, 1985.

Many blame Sleng Teng for unleashing the cacophony of slackness and gunshot that became Ragga, but that aside its a great bassline tune, and surefire party starter.

All you ravers might reciognise Sleng Teng as it turned up later as the key sample n SL2’s rave blockbuster ‘Way in My Brain’

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