Thursday, 8 October 2009

Kraftwerk: The Sitcom

Just discovered in a Dusseldorf car boot sale is this rare pilot for the uncommissioned Kraftwerk sitcom, "Ralf and Florian".

Shame it never made it, as Ralf Hutter has great comic timing and could have been the next Alf Garnet.

Now That's What I Call Disco

Greg Wilson, the master, captured in animated form for his legendary comeback gig at Electric Chair.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Saint Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (Richard X Mix)

This has been about for a bit, and I assumed it would be shit, (if it ain't broke)......,
But its fucking great- the summers not over yet....

Saint Etienne 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart' (2009 Extended Remix) �by� cmjct

My Music Has Always Had a Rock Element To It...

As part of the recent resurgence in what has been termed cosmic disco, or disco not disco, has been a real convergence of some of the mellower synth led elements of soft rock, and more leftfield ‘disco’.

With Fleetwood Mac being a standard set staple at Lowlife and bass laden Compass Point productions showing up everywhere, it’s not a new trend.

Anyway, the sound is no better personified than the fabulous AOR Disco blog, who have put a little selection of tracks together for Disco Outcast here. Well worth checking out....

Raving 89 The Film