Thursday, 3 April 2008

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Fleetwood Mac- You Make Lovin Fun (Trailmix remix)
This mix from 2007 first turned up on last yaers Lindstrom Essential Mix. Acres has been written about 'cosmic disco' and its supposed claim to the new balearic crown. Much of it appears to be deritave noodling; however this is a killer adding a unusual mix of funk and electro to a FM radio classic.

Ian Dury - Spasticus Autisticus (Version)
Post punk pub rocker originally penned this ode to disability in 1981 to mark 'The International Year of The Disabled'. Subsequently banned by the BBC for its confrontational stance, this version is taken from Struts Funky Nassus comp and features Sly and Robbie on rhythm.

Paul Simon- Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje Edit)
Re edit of 'Diamonds on The Souls of Their Shoes' from 1986. The original is a brilliant mixture of western and African pop; soundtracking a highly autobigraphical road trip through the American South. This 2007 edit, by another norwegian - DJ Todd Terje twists it into a lovely downtempo dub house shape- without losing the soul of the original.

Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop

UNKLE/Ian Brown- Reign (Anagram Mix)

Grace Jones - Slave to The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Blondie Rapture 12" Orriginal Disco Edit