Friday, 9 March 2007


This is a story about electronic music, how it started, where its been and maybe a little peek into where its going. Its not a story about dance music, or hip hop, rock, pop, funk, jazz or electro; its a story about all of these and more.

Electronic music has been the core strand that has run through all popular music of the last fourty years, sometimes in vogue, sometimes not. Its the sinsiter sister of rock, having as much or more of an influence as the guitar but consigned to the novelty or bin of music writing by the supposed 'significance' of white boys with guitars.

Shaping the cultural landscape of our generation, the synthesiser and its components have changed the way we think about 'music', how its created, and importantly the ways in which we listen to it. From experimental electronic engineers to wigged out funk, brothers in the Bronx, sci fi obsessives, English boys with eyeliner, sweaty ravers, basement rockers and beard stroking critics, the electronic pulse has run strong through our record collections.

Now is the time for the story to be told......

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